Our Fish

We visit the vessels, the crews and the captains that catch our fish for us in Iceland every year. This is so we can maintain the relationship with the people that catch your fish to ensure that only the best possible Cod, Haddock and Plaice reaches your plates. We can even contact the vessels at sea!

All of our fish is totally traceable back to source. We can tell on what day of the year the fish was caught and who actually packed it. This is to ensure that if we do have any quality issues we can isolate where the problem is and deal with it as fast possible so we can offer ourcustomers a consistent product that tastes delicious

Fish & Chips : The Facts
Meal * Average Fat Content per 100g Amount of calories per 100g

Cod & Chips

lb Cheese Burger& Chips

Doner Kebab


Chicken Korma











As you can see from this table Fish and chips is one of the healthiest fast foods you can buy therefore you can enjoy Fish and Chips in confidence, with the knowledge that you are eating one of the most nutritious takeaways you can buy.

+McCance & Widdowson's, 6th Summary Edition *Fish & Chip shop ?takeaway' samples, Seafish 2005
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